Real Estate Testimonials

“When we knew we would be selling our home in Florida, my husband and I wanted to make sure we found a broker who would help us with the entire process proactively, because we live in another state.  Dennis Boyle was introduced to us through one of my husband’s colleagues in real estate.  Our initial conversations with Dennis were surprisingly open and informative. We found Dennis to be forthright with his opinion on the right price to list the home, as we wanted to price it sharply. He suggested a price that was right on the mark. 

Dennis not only took care of the normal broker activities, but he took care of numerous things that most brokers would never do, or even offer to do. He was at the house when appliances were delivered, he sent photographs of wood samples when we were deciding on whether to replace the carpeting or go with wood flooring, he made sure the repairs to the home were done properly and functioning, he alerted us when something needed to be taken care of and found service providers to do the job when we did not know of someone, he took amazing photographs of our home and also took a very professional video of the home which was watched by a huge amount of viewers. He suggested the color that should be used when we decided to paint the entire house and sent us photographs of the house once it had been painted. I cannot say enough about the service he provided, and through it all he was always gracious and always calm, which was a huge help to me, being so far away. He always communicated to us immediately about every aspect of the sale; the listing, the viewing, the offer to purchase.  He was there to do the inspection along with the buyer’s broker and was there for the walk-through on the day of closing.

My husband is a real estate broker with over 27 years of full-time experience and he was very impressed with Dennis’s factual answers to his questions and overall knowledge of the market before we even listed our property with him.  Dennis is clearly service oriented and delivered on every promise he made to us.  We could not have accomplished our goal without him and we highly recommend his service. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. “  Irene and Peter F.

 “Very professional and pleasant home search experience.” Bill and Arleen R.

“Dennis did a great job selling our home. He was always available to talk to us or sit down and answer our questions. He developed a website for our home that attracted buyers from Hawaii, who ultimately bought our home, sight unsee. Great pictures and description of the home.” Byron and MaryJo R.

“Dennis was friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and very helpful. We felt we could trust him completely.” Zane and Francine T.

“We first contacted Dennis based on a sign on a front lawn with him as the listing agent. We did not buy that house, but provided Dennis with the criteria we decided on for a home. Based on that Dennis provided us with a list of homes to choose from and we spent two days with him visiting those homes. We selected a home and Dennis provided us with his network of professionals we needed for house inspection, insurance, Title Ins. etc. After the closing he continued to assist us with information we needed. We were extremely happy with him as our agent.” Jack and Lorraine C.

“Dennis has always been extremely professional. He lead me through a very difficult time and I can say he is the best of the best. The Real estate world should have more men of his caliber.” Renee K.

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Dennis Boyle, The Golf Home Pro



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